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Hugo is an open-source fast static website generator that renders a static website based on configuration, internationalisation bundles, layout templates, static files, and content written in Markdown (and other languages). I discovered Hugo some years back when I decided to migrate my website from Google sites (the old website maybe still around but not updated any further).

At the time of changing from Google sites, I found the Academic theme (now part of Wowchemy) sufficient for what I needed. Over time, I (hope I) have improved my website publishing pipeline with a combination of the content hosted on Github utilising the Wowchemy Academic theme, workflows to publish the website when I push changes to the main branch or experimental branches. The main website is available at while the experimental stuff maybe visible at

In addition, I am also creating and maintaining other websites, e.g., that of my friend, Michael Intal Magcamit.

If necessary, I plan to contribute, when I can, to Wowchemy and Hugo.

Websites maintained

Anirban Basu
Anirban Basu
Researcher in Computational Trust, Privacy and Security

Senior Researcher (Hitachi, Ltd., Japan), Honorary Research Fellow (University of Sussex, UK), Adjunct Professor (OntarioTech University, Canada)