Anirban Basu

Anirban Basu

Researcher in Computational Trust, Privacy and Security

Hitachi R&D

University of Sussex

OntarioTech University

IFIP WG 11.11 Trust Management


With more than a decade of research experience within both academia and industry, I have co-authored 70+ research papers and 30+ Japanese patents. My publications have been cited more than 2,200 times setting my overall h-index to 23 (source: Google Scholar). My current research is based on a user-empowering view of computational trust in human-machine interactions; and the role of computational trust in security and privacy. The areas of research that interest me include, but are not limited to computational trust systems, AI security, AI ethics and causal modelling, distributed consensus, privacy and risk, and privacy preserving data mining. I like working on complex problems that require multi-disciplinary approaches. Outside research and the related stuff, I am keen on photography, videography and the associated travels.
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  • Computational trust
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy and security
  • Distributed systems
  • Indian classical music
  • Photography
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, 2010

    University of Sussex

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Computer Systems Engineering, 2004

    University of Sussex

Recent publications

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The ethical implications of using digital traces: studying explainability and trust during a pandemic
Thinking about Trust: People, Process, and Place
Accountable cross-border data sharing using blockchain under relaxed trust assumption
Post-quantum zk-SNARKs for Arithmetic Circuit
Verification of Process Suitability for creating Trust in Supply Chains


April 2022 – Present Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan
Teaching fundamentals of computational trust and trust systems to researchers from a number of disciplines.
Associate Tutor
October 2004 – January 2010 Brighton, UK
Between 2004 and 2010, as an Associate Tutor at the University of Sussex, I have had teaching duties in the following courses in the (erstwhile) Department of Informatics and in the Department of Engineering and Design. Duties as an Associate Tutor included laboratory supervision, marking, course design and occasional lecturing at the post-graduate level. Sometimes some of the undergraduate courses were taken by Masters students too.
  • Introduction to Information Technology (Foundation)
  • Program Design (Undergraduate)
  • Databases (Undergraduate)
  • Data Structures (Undergraduate)
  • Technical Communication Skills (Undergraduate)
  • Internet Technologies (Undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Software Design (Undergraduate)
  • Web-based commerce (Post-graduate -- Masters)


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Miscellaneous stuff


My name Anirban is a Bengali name ("অনির্বাণ", if you have Bengali fonts to see that), which means a light that shines forever. In Bengali, it sounds a bit like: aw-nee-r-baan. However, as Bengali is not a language with strict intonations, many variations of the pronunciation by non-Bengali speakers still make sense (somewhat!). In Japanese (Katakana), it is written as バス オニバン (note that the family name is written first) and pronounced (in Romanization) ba-su o-ni-ba-n.

If you would like to see how my name is written but do not have the Bengali or Japanese fonts to read the names in the paragraph above, click on the links below to see them as images.

  • Full name in Bengali, left-to-right reading order: click here.
  • Full name in Japanese, with the family name first in the left-to-right reading order: click here.

Short biography

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Dr. Anirban Basu is a Senior Researcher at Hitachi R&D (Japan); a Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Sussex (UK); and an Adjunct Professor at the Ontario Tech University Faculty of Business and IT (Canada). He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (2010) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in Computer Systems Engineering (2004) from the University of Sussex. His research focusses on a user-empowering view of computational trust in human-machine interactions; and the role of computational trust in security and privacy. His work has co-authored 70+ refereed publications and 30+ Japanese patents. He is particularly active within the IFIPTM computational trust management community.

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